If you are a company or home business registering for a free account, don't forget to choose the "Company" option from the User Type dropdown menu when registering for your free account.  This will enable your business to have access to features not available to regular registered users!

Please check your spam folder after publishing or registering if you don't receive your activation or any other email from us.

Premium Listings

All users can list for free by clicking on the Publish button at the top of every page. However, Registering a free account with us will provide you with features that you don't get as a non registered user. All users will be provided with the choice to pay the premium listing price for greater exposure if they are interested. If you want your listing to show up in our Featured Listings slider near the top of the page as well as in the top listings of every search, you must upgrade your listing with us to Premium and pay a small very reasonable fee to do so.  Check our frequently asked questions for the price.


Registered users have extra features offered to them that free users don't. Features like Premium Plus, Move to Top and Showcase are available only to registered users after. Registered businesses have access to the Pro Account feature that all other users don't have including regular registered users. If you are business make sure when you register that you choose the company option from the User Type drop down menu. Accounts will be monitored to ensure that you are a business when choosing the company user type. This also covers home based businesses.


The Premium and Premium Plus features offer a limited period of time at the top of each listing with a coloured background to highlight them. The Move to Top feature offers the opportunity to move your listing to the top of the listings without a coloured background. The Showcase feature highlights your listing by placing a coloured border around it.


There are options to purchase a credit package for each registered account allowing payment for 3 different packages which will be deposited into your Account Wallet to be used in the future without having to login to paypal again to upgrade or republish your listing.

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