If you are a company or home business registering for a free account, don't forget to choose the "Company" option from the User Type dropdown menu when registering for your free account.  This will enable your business to have access to features not available to regular registered users!

Please check your spam folder after publishing or registering if you don't receive your activation or any other email from us.

How to Publish Your Listing

How to Publish Your Listing Once Your Logged In To Your Account

After you login to your account you click the “Publish” link in the top right corner.  In the General Information box you choose a category for your item from the drop down list. Give your item a descriptive title and also a very detailed description about your item. Fill in the price field with a number ie: 1000.00. You can add up to 5 tags to help the search engines find your listing easier.

In the Listing Location box select a region from the dropdown menu. Next select a city from the dropdown menu. If your city has a designated area you can enter it.  Next type in your address.  Under the Upload Pictures box click the green upload button to add up to 8 images of your item.

Lastly you check the “I’m not a robot” box and answer the question in the next window if your presented with it.  Next you can check the box if you want your email shown on your listing page. After this you click the Publish button to be taken to the confirmation window.

In the next window you’ll receive a notification in the gray box telling you your listing has been published but will require moderation before being activated.  Than you are presented with three choices to pay for more exposure than your regular free listing provides you. These are self-explanatory but not mandatory.  Ignore the last button that says Continue to Publish for Free unless you are not registered and are publishing without an account.

To return to the listings page click the words “Lower Mainland Classifieds” in the top left corner of the black menu bar.  To see your account follow the links in the top menu. If you have any questions than click the Contact link and email us a message.

See the screenshots below for a view of the steps described above.

lower mainland classifieds

lower mainland classifieds

lower mainland classifieds

lower mainland classifieds

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