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Rules For Restricted Items or Services

Car Seats and Boosters

In British Columbia, it is illegal to resell a car seat or booster seat once it has been used by a child or toddler. Therefor Lower Mainland Classifieds doesn't allow cars seats and boosters to be listed on our site. Any listings offering to sell car seats or boosters will not be activated and deleted.

Cribs That Do Not Meet Health Canada Standards

Many drop-side cribs have been recalled in Canada. We implore you to contact the manufacturer to determine if the crib you are selling has been recalled or if there is a repair kit available. Currently, the manufacturer is most qualified to determine the status of their products. Lower Mainland Classifieds will not accept listings for cribs manufactured before September 1986.

The following must be included in your listing before the listing will be activated:

For more information please visit the following link at Health Canada:

Health Canada Consumer Product Safety

Rules For Domestic Animals

When listing for domestic animals on the Lower Mainland Classifieds website, you are solely responsible for complying with (and ensuring that your listing complies with) all applicable laws, regulations and other legal requirements in the province of British Columbia and country of Canada. This includes complying with any laws aimed at protecting the welfare of animals and protecting the community generally.

The Animal Pedigree Act makes it a federal offense to sell an animal of a recognized breed as, purebred, registered, or eligible to be registered if it is not. Be prepared to provide documented evidence to prove the animals recognition when asked.

Rules For Pets

Due to the endangerment of animal welfare witnessed over the last decade, Lower Mainland Classifieds will not allow the sale of pets by commercial sellers, breeders or anyone suspected of profiting from the sale of pets unless they can provide a legal document showing certification that they have met the standards of the Canadian Kennel Club. If you are a local breeder or seller (pet stores not included) and wish to list on Lower Mainland Classifieds please contact us for permission to do so.

Update: New laws anticipated to take effect in 2017 will require breeders to be registered and licensed with the province of British Columbia.

Lower Mainland Classifieds doesn't allow Pet Stores to list on the classifeds website.

All listings for pets will be for the "free to good home" variety and a confirmation of the pets well being and overall health will be clearly stated in your listing. Pet accessory listings are allowed on Lower Mainland Classifieds providing they are not deemed to be harmful to the well being of pets in general.

We don't allow listing of dogs or cats less than eight weeks of age. We do not allow listing for upcoming litters that are not born yet. The date of birth must be clearly stated in the listing and shipment of pets is not permitted. Photos must be provided in your listing and must be of the pet(s) you are giving away or selling.

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